Common  Course in  English (EKO201E)

This course examines the basic concepts in economics. The first part covers microeconomics. In this part, we will study of how firms decide on production and households decide on consumption of goods and services. The second part covers macroeconomics. In this part, we will study the economy as a whole. Topics include national income, unemployment, inflation, and economic growth.

Minimum average grade for eligibility to take the final exam is 30 points. Students who score below 30 from the midterm are not allowed to take the final exam.

Course Book: Gregory Mankiw, Economics, (7th edition)
 EKO201E Syllabus
 Materials: Single File

1. Introduction
2. Supply and demand I: How markets work
3. Supply and demand II: Markets and welfare
4. Firm behavior, and the organization of industry
5. The data of Macroeconomics
6. The real economy in the long-run
7. Money and prices in the long-run
8. The macroeconomics of open economies